Vice Take a Date

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(2018.00) - 122 min - R

The story of Dick Cheney's rise to become Vice President and beyond
Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Sam Rockwell, Steve Carell
Biography, Comedy, Drama, History

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Chief Chick Comments

Robust well acted look at Dick Cheney. If you hate Dick Cheney, you will like it. If you like Dick Cheney you might like it since it shows how effectivelty evil he might be. Christian Bale with lots of makeup looks just like Cheney. By the end of the movie, you will think he is Dick Cheney. While, as an avid watcher of politics, I knew much of the story; just not all of it. Kept me interested througout its 122 minutes. Steve Carell as Don Rumsfeld and Sam Rockwell as George W Bush are also quite good and believable. Amy Adams too is very convincing as the backbone of the operation. I would expect some acting Oscar nods.

Flock Comments

John Smelcer August 31, 2019

Yes, Christian Bale did an excellent job portraying Dick Cheney. Same monotone voice, same tilt of the head, same delivery as the Veep. Cheney was a fabulous evil genius. This movie made me admire his mastery of absolute power in the pursuit of truly evil ends. Frightening in a subtle way, as it could happen again. Recommended.

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