Sugar Take a Date

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(2024) - 400 min - TV-MA

John Sugar is an LA Detective who specializes in finding lost persons.  Very film noire

Colin Farrell, Amy Ryan, James Cromwell, Kirby, Dennis Boutsikaris, Anna Gunn, Nate Corddry
Crime/Mystery, Drama, Film Noir, Mystery

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Chief Chick Comments

Colin Farrell is John Sugar, an LA Based Detective who does very well in his chosen line of work which is finding lost persons, usually relatives of very rich folks. He is a film addict and periodically through the 8 episodes we see flashbacks of Humphrey Bogart, Glenn Ford and others from the 40's an 50's who remind us of the current Sugar situation. The current mystery involves the missing granddaughter of a famous Hollywood Producer. Love Sugar's Saville Row suits, his vintage Corvette and even his kindness! 8 episodes of 50 minutes each. Apple TV

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