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Mother of the Bride

(2024) - 98 min - TVPG

Widowed Dr. Winslow attends the exotic wedding of her social media daughter only to discover someone from her past.

Brooke Shields, Benjamin Bratt, Miranda Cosgrove, Sean Teale
Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Lana(Brooke Shields) is a renowned PhD studying genetics. Her young adult daughter,Emma, flies in to tell her that she is getting married to RJ on some romantic island. All of this is being paid for by her sponsor for Emma's social media presence. Upon arrival, Lana discovers that the father of the groom is her college sweetheart who broke her heart. Yes story is predictable ...cute but a little lame in parts. I disliked that 6 foot Brooke who at 58 is still gorgeous has a 5 foot daughter who weights about 95 pounds. Together, they make Brooke look like the Jolly Green Giant. As the movie progresses, Lana looks better and better but the awkwardness continues...sort of. The wedding planner is irritating as is Emma. Never-the-less, a light romantic comedy worth the 98 minutes. Streaming on Netflix.

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