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Anatomy of a Fall

(2023) - 151 min - R

Near Grenoble France, Daniel who is partially blind finds his father, Samuel, dead in the snow outside their house.  His Mother is later charged with murder and Daniel is a key witness.

Sandra Hüller, Swann Arland, Milo Machado Graner, Samuel Theis, Antoine Reinartz, Johnny Beth
Crime/Mystery, Drama, Suspense/Thriller

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Chief Chick Comments

Sandra, Samuel, and their partially blind son, Daniel live remotely outside Grenoble France. Daniel goes for a walk with his dog and upon his return they find the body of his father, Samuel in the snow. It is easy to see why Sandra is eventually arrested for his murder. She calls and hires a former friend as her attorney who also has questions about her story of that day. Ultimately, we see a courtroom drama with the end as yet uncertain. The toll on their young teenage son is immense. Intense and difficult at times, but excellent acting and presentation. We see the difference in courtroom procedures in France which I found surprising. Enjoyed this Oscar nominated film. In English and French with subtitles when needed.

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