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Vantage Point

(2008.00) - 90 min - PG133

Fascinating look at Presidential Shooting in Spain from the vantage point of several key players. You can stream or buy the movie by clicking below:

Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, william Hurt, Zoe Soldana
Action, Crime/Mystery, Drama, Suspense/Thriller

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  • Death of a child
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Chief Chick Comments

Although I have seen this movie before, a second viewing revealed so much more. The President, William Hurt, travels to Spain to attend an anti terrorism conference. While speaking in a smaller city, he is shot from a building which overlooked the Square. Dennis Quaid who had been wounded earlier in the year "taking a bullet for the President", is back on duty with the Secret Service but is a bit shaky and his fellow Secret Service Agents are less than confident in him. Early in the movie when The President is apparently shot, Quaid swings into action. Repeatedly, we see the 5-10 minutes of the shooing from a variety of witnesses/participants. It is fascinating and keeps you very interesting!

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