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Undoing, The

(2020) - 360 min - TV-MA

Grace and Jonathan Fraser live in Manhattan with their preteen son when everything starts to go badly

Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Donald Sutherland
Drama, Suspense/Thriller

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Chief Chick Comments

Grace is a successful psychologist and her husband, Jonathan, is a child oncologist in Manhattan. Grace becomes involved in a private school fundraiser and meets the mother of another student who is very fragile yet open about her sex appeal. Eventually, bad things begin to happen and the couple is caught up in a whirlwind. Donald Sutherland plays Grace's wealthy father who tries to give her advice. Kidman's outfits are very interesting (you may have already read some articles about her wardrobe). It seems just right and her attire plus their apartment seem to complement Kidman's complexion. This seems, to me like a big screen movie-just in six episodes. Produced by David E Kelley. The performances are fantastic. Airing on HBO Sunday nights and soon to stream

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