Sinatra In Palm Springs Take a Date

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Sinatra In Palm Springs

(2018) - 92 min - NR

Documentary about Frank Sinatra and the city Frank Sinatra called home

Frank Sinatra, Barbara Marx, Tom Dreesen, Trini Lopez
Biography, Documentary

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  • Great Music/Soundtrack

Chief Chick Comments

Light documentary on Sinatra and where and how he lived in Palm Springs where he felt at home and is buried. I enjoyed it, but I recommend it for those who love Sinatra and/or Palm Springs. Since I fall in that category, I enjoyed this 92 minute documentary which you can stream. Lots and lots of photos of Frank and friends!

Flock Comments

Barbara P January 21, 2023

I also enjoyed it, but hard-pressed to give it anything over three. Lots of fluff, but lots of fun.

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