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Life of Crime

(2013) - 98 min - R

Petty criminals target Mickey Dawson for kidnapping hoping to get $1 million from her husband Frank...but did they do their homework?

Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins, John Hawkes, Isla Fisher, Yaslin Bey, Will Forte
Comedy, Crime/Mystery, Drama

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  • Obscenities

Chief Chick Comments

Recommended by a Member of the Flock...Life of Crime is a lesser known movie from 2013 starring Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins and others. Mickey Dawson is married to Frank, a "businessman" and golf trophy winner at their country club in suburban Detroit. When Frank goes on a trip taking their son to his grandparents, Mickey is kidnapped by a couple of yahoos. Well, events do not unfold as planned. While I did not think this movie was hilarious, I was interested the whole way through. The end was a bit of a surprise. Ladies, watch it. The guys will like it as well. Available lots of places. I watched on Netflix.

Flock Comments

J G August 23, 2021

Crime comedy adapted from one of Elmore Leonard’s novels (THE SWITCH). Loved the twisted story, the pace, and the laid back humor, as well as the acting and all the songs, such great music. Definitely a film both chicks and dudes can enjoy.

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