Holidate Take a Date

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(2020) - 103 min - TV-MA

Sloane and Jackson meet at the mall after particularly bad Christmases. Eventually they decide to be each other's dates but only for holidays!

Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, Alex Moffat, Francis Fisher, Kristin Chenoweth
Comedy, Romance

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Chief Chick Comments

This movie from Netflix is "exactly" what you think it is. However, the path to the predictable end is more or less entertaining. I liked it but recognize it is not a special or deep film but somewhat fun never-the-less!

Flock Comments

kathleen kenefick November 13, 2020

Emma Roberts is adorable..and Luke Bracy is very fun.. loved that he was a professional golfer.. and how Emma doesn't think it is really athletic ..after all he drives a golf cart..doesnt run up and down a court etc

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