Hacks Take a Date

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(2022) - 240 min - NR

Season 2 continues with Ava and Deborah taking to the Road to promote and refine Deborah's comedy now that she no longer has a "gig" in Las Vegas

Jean Smart, Hannah Einbinder, Carl Clemons-Hopkins, Paul W Downs, Christopher McDonald
Comedy, Drama

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  • Obscenities

Chief Chick Comments

Season Two picks up where Season One left off. In the meantime, Jean Smart won an Emmy for her portrayal of Deborah Vance, the Vegas comedienne. Ava takes to the road with Deborah to attempt to hone a new type of routine for Deborah which turns out to be more difficult than hoped. Eight short episodes. Lots of fun and...Love the tour bus...only if you're Deborah that is. Hints that there may be another season but not a sure thing!

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