Elvis Take a Date

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(2022) - 159 min - PG3

Baz Luhrmann produces and directs this story of Elvis's Life

Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJonge
Biography, Drama, Musical

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Chief Chick Comments

Well, despite its length, Elvis is fantastic and powerful and moving. I thought I knew Elvis and his music but the movie revealed much more. The narrator is Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis's manager who is played by a significantly altered Tom Hanks! However, Austin Butler stole the show...significantly! He is moving and sexy and looks so much like Elvis that by the end I almost missed that real photos of Elvis were shown briefly. I think Austin Butler deserves an Academy Award nomination. If you never saw Elvis Presley in person, then this movie helps show you what you missed. Butler is incredibly athletic and very, very handsome as Elvis. Of course, Elvis was very, very handsome! Available in some theaters and streaming on HBO+ Personal Note: I know someone who met Elvis in the Men's Room in Vegas and said he was very kind. Also, recently toured Elvis and Priscilla's Honeymoon Cottage in Palm Springs California. Recently redone and very, very nice.

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