Call My Agent (Dix pour cent) Take a Date

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Call My Agent (Dix pour cent)

(2020) - 52 min - TVMA

Drama and Comedy at Paris based talent agency. 52 minutes per episode.

Camílle Cottin, Thibault de Montalembert, Grégory Monte, Fanny Sidney, Nicolas Maury
Comedy, Drama

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  • Nudity

Chief Chick Comments

Entertaining French TV Series featuring a Parisian talent agency. Each show usually highlights a famous French actor or actress. You won't know them all but will see Jean Dujardin(won the Oscar for The Artist), Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Huppert as examples. Of course, there is infighting at the agency and one crisis after another with their stars. Four seasons are available on Netflix. Has English subtitles which seem easy to read. I love this series!

Flock Comments

Patricia H January 25, 2021

Lots of fun and laughs.

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