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Allen v Farrow

(2021) - 496 min - R

Documentary about the events surrounding the lead up to and purported violation of Allen's 6 year daughter.  4 Episodes on HBO

Mia Farrow, Woody Allen, Dylan Farrow, Fletcher Previn, Ronan Farrow, Frank Maco, Casey Pascal
Biography, Crime/Mystery, Documentary, Drama

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  • Cute Kids
  • Death/Abuse of a Child
  • Lovely Scenery

Chief Chick Comments

There has been much said about Allen's purported molestation of his 6 year old daughter. After the Me Too movement took place Dylan Farrow again voiced her accusations never wavering from her initial story 30 years ago. Ronan Farrow, her brother and Allen's biological son (maybe) is on his sister's side and finally encouraged her and helped. While some critics have suggested this documentary shows Farrow as a saint and Allen as a devil. Of course, there is some room for judgment on either side. But on the whole, I believe Allen is very very weird and perhaps criminal. When he sued Farrow for custody of Ronan and the two children he adopted, you just cannot believe he wanted to do anything except punish Farrow. See what you think.

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