50 First Dates Take a Date

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50 First Dates

(2005.00) - 99 min - PG13

Henry falls in love with Lucy but finds out she has a memory problem and can't remember falling for him
Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Rob Schneider, Dan Aykroid, Sean Astin
Comedy, Romance

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  • Beautiful homes/decor
  • Interesting architecture
  • Lovely scenery
  • Great music
  • Eye candy
  • Cute kids
  • Cute animals
  • Explicit sex
  • Nudity
  • Obscenities
  • Icky stuff
  • Death of a child
  • Violent
  • Just too long

Chief Chick Comments

Strange but interesting concept. Drew Barrymore wakes up every morning with know knowledge of her previous life. Yet romance never-the-less flares for Adam Sandler's(who is anti-commitment) character, Henry. While this is hard to imagine, this is, after all, a comedy. Sandler is pretty cute in this and we seem to avoid most of the bad jokes we often see in his movies. Maybe this is the ultimate "hard to get" strategy which actually works? Barrymore is convincing as young woman with no recent memories. The Hawaiian scenery and even the sound track is attractive as are the other actors. Even though it is a love story, your man should enjoy the jokes!

Flock Comments

Rooster February 11, 2012

Reminiscent of "The Vow", being released this week (Feb 2012), or "The Notebook". Why is it always the woman losing her memory? Overall, a good date movie.

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