Won't You Be My Neighbor? Take a Date

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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

(2018) - 94 min - PG

Documentary of Children's TV host, Fred Rogers. 
Fred Rogers. Joanne Rogers
Biography, Documentary

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  • Cute Kids

Chief Chick Comments

THIS REVIEW FROM ONE OF OUR MEMBERS WHO IS A PROFESSIONAL WRITER. I love movies about real people! That said, I probably wouldn’t have gone to see Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood if it hadn’t been highly recommended and if I hadn’t just seen RBG which I thought was the best movie of the year so far. When my daughter was little, I didn’t like the TV show. I thought it was dippy and kind of boring and amateurish. But, I was wrong. This is a lovely little movie that is especially welcome and moving in the framework of the world we’re living in now. it’s all about kindness and good deeds and loving your neighbor in the the most traditional sense of the word. I went with two men and they liked it as well as I did. Fred Rogers was a truthful, authentic person who had a strict moral compass, appreciated and understood children and had an uncanny instinct for what would work on television. Go, enjoy yourself and reflect on who we used to be.

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