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Women He's Undressed, The

(2015) - 99 min - NR

Documentary about the 3 times Oscar winning Hollywood costume designer, Orry-Kelly who immigrated from Australia
Darren Gilshenan

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Chief Chick Comments

Somewhat interesting but somewhat lame documentary about Jack Orry-Kelly who left Australia as a young man to eventually win 3 Academy Awards for costume design. Until the final moments of the film, we see no pictures of Orry-Kelly who was, in fact, a very unattractive man. This seemed necessary since the film claims that he had a long term affair with Cary Grant when he was still Archie Leach. Whether Grant was gay, I could not say; however, I cannot imagine him with this man who was talented but also an alcoholic. The story is a much about Hollywood in the 30's and 40's as about Orry-Kelly. An actor plays Orry-Kelly who spends a lot of time in a red rowboat with the name of his Australian home town painted on the side. Interesting, but cannot give it a rave review.

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