Wolfschildren (Wolfskinder) Take a Date

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Wolfschildren (Wolfskinder)

(2013) - 91 min - NR

Based on the true plight of orphaned German children in 1946 who flee from the Soviet Army hoping to survive or maybe find a home.
Levin Liam, Patrick Lorenczat, Helene Phil
Drama, History

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  • Cute Kids
  • Death/Abuse of a Child
  • Icky Stuff
  • Lovely Scenery

Chief Chick Comments

This is a tragic history of which many of us were not aware. Hans and Fritz struggle to find food for their dying mother. After her death, they try to find the farm of some distant friends armed only with a locket their mother has given them. They come upon other children also hiding from the Soviets. Tough to watch, but worthwhile

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