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Wolf of Wall Street, The

(2013) - 180 min - R

The more or less true story of Jordan Belfort aka The Wolf of Wall Street, who formed a penny stock brokerage firm and made millions
Leonardi DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Kyle Chandles, Rob Reiner
Biography, Comedy, Crime/Mystery, Drama

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  • Explicit Sex
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  • Nudity
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Chief Chick Comments

Excessive is the word for this movie. It shows the excesses of some of Wall Street, the excessive thirst for money, drugs, and sex. It displays excessive nudity, sex, and obscenities. And it is excessively long. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the most excessive role yet as does Jonah Hill, playing his right hand man. That being said the performances are good yet manic in many ways. Martin Scorsese directs a compelling look at the real life Jordan Belfort who did, in fact, spend several years in federal prison. During the movie, a group of 20 somethings left after about 45 minutes, but the older crowd hung around until the end. While I do not want to ever see it again, it is worth a look especially so you can talk about it at cocktail parties. Bit of trivia: Jordan Belfort was the last owner of the yacht seen in the movie once owned by Coco Chanel.

Flock Comments

R January 11, 2014

Rooster agrees with his chief chick. Over the top excessive. I found the acting over the top, the scenes of partying over the top, and the language over the top. Sub standard movie for Scorsese.

1 January 24, 2014

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apryl k March 21, 2014
Stefana F March 25, 2014
Saphire S March 30, 2015

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