Slow Horses Take a Date

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Slow Horses

(2022) - 560 min - TV-MA

Reject MI5 Agents are assigned to backwater, Slough House, in London.  Gary Oldman plays Jackson Lamb, the unkempt manager of the bunch while agents who have screwed up somehow find themselves banished there.

Gary Oldman, Jack Lowden, Kristin Scott Thomas, rosalind Eleazar, Christopher Chung, Saskia Reeves
Drama, Suspense/Thriller

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Binge watched 3 Seasons in 2 Days. Fabulous current day thriller. Reject MI5 agents are sent to Slough House in a seedy part of London after they have disappointed in some way. In charge is Jackson Lamb who we find out, over time, is perhaps the best agent MI5 has. River Cartwright, grandson of a renowned agent, is sent to Slough House. We don't really know why for some time. Despite being a backwater, stuff keeps ending in their laps. Can't stop watching it once you start!

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