Recipes for Love & Murder Take a Date

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Recipes for Love & Murder

(2022) - 440 min - NR

Acorn Series set in a small South African town about murder as well as love as a columnist combines Advice and Recipes

Maria Doyle Kennedy, Jennifer Steyn, Kylie Fisher, Khadija Heeger, Elton Landrew, Tony Kgoroge, Bennie Fourie, Arno Greef
Crime/Mystery, Drama, Mystery, Romance

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Chief Chick Comments

Surprisingly, wonderful new series (on Acorn TV) set in South Africa where Maria who writes a cooking column for the small local paper takes over the Advice Column and combines the two. Maria Doyle Kennedy(Outlander) is fantastic and watching her cook is sensual(not sexy but you can taste the food!). I have been looking in vain for the recipes on line! The first season is 10 episodes of which 4 are now streaming on Acorn. A local woman writes to the Advice columnist known as Tannie Marie and later is murdered. Despite being set in a pretty small dry place in South Africa, I cannot wait to watch the next episode!

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