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Pale Blue Eye, The

(2022) - 128 min - R

Landor is called by West Point in the first half of the 19th century to investigate the death of a West Point Cadet.  The Academy is still in its early years and at risk of ruin.  Landor a former New York City investigator takes on this task with the assistance of cadet, Edgar Allan Poe

Christian Bale, Henry Melling, Toby Jones, Lucy Boynton, Gilliam Anderson
Crime/Mystery, Film Noir, Horror, Mystery

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Chief Chick Comments

Christian Bale stars as Landor, a detective recommended to the commanding officer of a young West Point Academy. A cadet has been found hanged and that night his heart removed from the corpse. Landor solicits the assistance of Edgar Allan Poe who is a bit older than the other cadets. The years is probably around 1830-31. The film (on Netflix) is dark and takes place in winter with no sun and crude means of lighting homes. There seems to be a supernatural tinge to the mystery including Poe's communications with his dead Mother. This is quite a complicated story but one you can follow; you may be surprised by the denouement.

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