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Nothing Sacred

(1937) - 73 min - NR

Hazel Flagg is dying of radium poisoning and is invited to New York to be the Toast of the Town

Carole Lombard, Frederic March, Charles Winninger, Walter Connelly
Comedy, Comedy/Screwball, Romance

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Chief Chick Comments

Carole Lombard at her peak plays Hazel Flagg who thinks briefly she is dying of Radium Poisoning. Wally Cook from the Morning Star in New York visits her in Vermont to cover her story. Hazel is dying(pun!) to leave her small town and leaps at the chance to see New York City in this Depression era film. Of course, she falls for Wally played by Frederic March. Short, entertaining film. For 1937, her clothes are marvelous!

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