Fabelmans, The Take a Date

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Fabelmans, The

(2022) - 151 min - PG13

Semi-autobiographical look at Steven Spielberg's early life and interest in film making.

Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Gabriel La Belle, Seth Rogen, David Lynch, Judd Hirsch
Biography, Drama

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Chief Chick Comments

The Fabelmans is a very close match to Spielberg's own youth and his budding interest in movie making in tandem with the struggles in his family. His father was a brilliant engineer who moved the family(Sammy and 3 sisters) including Mitzi, the mother, around the West as his career progressed. While the story is not particularly a cliff hanger, it kept my interest. The 50's and 60's were well portrayed. Yes, I researched Spielberg's actual history and his Mother had the same haircut as Michelle Williams and also was a concert pianist just like Mitzi in the movie. In theaters and On Demand on cable systems.

Flock Comments

PhilT6 December 24, 2022

Interviews with main actor of each past movie interesting

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