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Diplomat, The

(2023) - 400 min - TV-MA

New US Ambassador is sent to London to deal with Middle East/British crisis.  Her husband, also an ambassador accompanies her.

Keri Russell, Rufus Sewell, David Gyasi
Drama, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/Thriller

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  • Interesting Architecture

Chief Chick Comments

Great pairing of Keri Russell and Rufus Sewell as husband and wife diplomats. Katherine Wyler is quickly named new Ambassador to The Court of St James (Great Britain) after a British ship is bombed in the Gulf. Sewell who plays her husband is currently an ambassador without post but is very savvy and entertaining, never-the-less. 8 episodes in Season One on Netflix. Already love it!

Flock Comments

PhilT6 May 04, 2023

Every episode left you waiting for more. Well written.

birddog April 27, 2023

Aside from the antics of her husband Hal the whole premise was pretty boring...several of the actors OVER ACTED

birddog April 27, 2023

the Diplomat...aside from the antics of Katherine Wyler's husband Hal the whole premise was pretty boring and several characters really 'OVER ACTED"

Julie G April 27, 2023

It is somewhat implausible but fun to watch! The Ambassador never wears makeup, wears the same or similar pant suit every day and has disheveled hair, but is still beautiful!! 🤣 Can’t wait for more.

Barbara P April 26, 2023

Thank you for the recommendation!

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