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American Fiction

(2023) - 117 min - R

Harvard Educated, Black Professor and writer is compelled to write a "black" book to satisfy the white publishers

Jeffrey Wright, Sterling K Brown, Tracee Ellis Ross, Erika Alexander, Adam Brody, Leslie Uggams, Issa Rae, Myra Lucretia Taylor, John Ortiz
Comedy, Drama

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  • Obscenities

Chief Chick Comments

Jeffrey Wright plays "Monk" Ellison who is forced on leave from his professorship at a California University for being "abrasive" (just like another Oscar nominated film). He comes home to Boston where a few big surprises greet him. His recent book hasn't been picked up by publishers because they want a "black experience" book while Monk is a Harvard education guy from an upper middle class Boston family who has not experienced "gutter" life. As a joke to himself, he writes a tongue-in-cheek novel pretending as the author to be a fugitive convict. A little sad at times, but very funny. I laughed out loud a number of times and loved this movie even with the unresolved parts.

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