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(1923) - 114 min - R

In 1984, Nike decides to try to sign the NBA 3rd pick, Michael Jordan.

Matt Damon, Jason Bateman, Ben Affleck, Viola Davis, Chris Messina, Julian Tennon Damion Delano Young
Biography, Drama, History, Sports

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Chief Chick Comments

Great Movie! Even though the know the result, you will be mesmerized by the story and its telling. We never see Michael Jordan's face in this 1984 retelling of his signing with Nike, because who could play Michael Jordan? I once met Michael Jordan briefly- He was charming and had mile wide shoulders...and he was incredibly well dressed at a benefit for his Foundation. Man or woman you will be enthralled by this retelling of history of the signing of Michael Jordan by Nike which sells over $4 billion of Air Jordans a year. Loved it!!! (Streaming on a number of channels)

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