1917 Just Girls

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(2019) - 119 min - R

In the spring of 1917 during World War I two young corporals are given an essential message to carry through German-held territory to a British regiment, calling off an ill-fated attack. The brother of one of the corporals serves in that regiment.  Nominated for many Oscars.

Dean-Charles Chapman, George MacKay, Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Strong
Action, Adventure, War

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Chief Chick Comments

Let young men never go to war again. The Great War-World War I as me now call it- was in its last year, we now know. These two young men are asked to carry a message about an impending trap for 1600 men including the brother of one of them. Yes, the trenches and mud are depressing but the story, in some ways, is magical...Look for the cherry blossoms. Many of us had forebearers who fought in this war and that realization is tough to handle. Yet Sam Mendez, the writer and director, has spun a tale taken from stories his own grandfather had told his family. This is an excellent movie. I highly recommend it.

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