13 Going On 30 Just Girls

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13 Going On 30

(2004) - 98 min - PG13

Awkward 13 year old Jenna wishes to be 30 and "poof" she is.
Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Judy Greer
Comedy, Family, Romance

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Chief Chick Comments

This is definitely a "just girls" cute but not deep film about a girl who wishes she were older and past her awkwardness. Of course, once she is whisked to the future, things are not exactly as she expected. Jennifer Garner looks great. Do not take your significant other if he is a guy!

Flock Comments

Andru B June 28, 2014
Charlie D March 23, 2015

Funny, touching and very girly.

Saphire S March 30, 2015
Ruth F November 27, 2015
apryl k March 14, 2014

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