Lessons In Chemistry Take a Date

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Lessons In Chemistry

(2023) - 400 min - TV-MA

Elizabeth Zott's career in chemistry is halted twice but she lands on her feet and shows her character and determination.

Brie Larson, Lewis Pullman, Aja Naomi King, Kevin Sussman, Alice Halsey, Beau Bridges
Drama, Romance

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Chief Chick Comments

Based on the best selling book, Lessons in Chemistry, is marvelous even if some story lines had to be truncated. Brie Larson(Oscar Winner) plays Elizabeth Zott and Lewis Pullman her partner in many things. Elizabeth's career in Chemistry has been derailed twice by men. We see the flashbacks and cringe. We also experience the character of Calvin Evans, the Noble Prize bound scientist, who falls for her and shares with her their studies. This mini series is in 8 50 minute episodes airing initially on Apple TV. I loved the book; I loved the series. The 50's fashions are spot on, I think. Based in Southern California with all the drama surrounding the politics of the time, this is a BIG winner.

Flock Comments

Julie G November 28, 2023

Like our Chief Chick, I loved the book (didn't want it to end) and loved the series. But, I did want to scream and throw something at the TV when the men were acting like morons!

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