Holdovers, The Take a Date

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Holdovers, The

(2023) - 133 min - R

Disagreeable Ancient Greek History Teacher at New England Private School is assigned to stay with students who cannot go home for Christmas

Paul Giamatti, Dominic Sessa, Da'Vine Joy Randolph
Comedy, Drama

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Chief Chick Comments

Teacher of Ancient Greek History is tasked with staying with boys at Private Prep School who cannot go home for Christmas. he is generally disliked by all-students and faculty. Over the holiday, he learns more about Angus, a troubled but smart guy,and somewhat befriends him. Secrets are revealed and some of amount of kindness discovered in both. They are joined by the cook who must stay to feed "the holdover boys". My brother liked it. I found it enjoyable but not over the moon. If you go, take a guy!

Flock Comments

Barbara P January 17, 2024

I agree with the chief chick. Mostly projectable, but some minor surprises. Good acting although the actor who played Angus looked a lot older than the high school student. But overall a successful formula.

Julie G January 17, 2024

This was a pleasant surprise! It just kept getting better and better. in my opinion. It was part Dead Poet Society, part Ferris Buehler and my husband and I really liked it. I may be just a bit partial because we discovered that our niece was the Location Manager for the film (Kai Quinlan) We did not know that until the beginning credits were rolling and I saw her name! Hearing a little of the challenge of filming at multiple locations, dependent upon the weather for an inside filming day or outside/snowy day was fun. We are proud of her work and of the movie.

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