Unforgotten Take a Date

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(2015) - 270 min - PG13

Cassie and Sunny are English detectives who frequently are charged with solving "historic" murder cases from 20+ years before.  4 Series to date.

Nicola Walker, Sanjeev Bhaskar
Crime/Mystery, Mystery

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Chief Chick Comments

Masterpiece Theater showing currently on PBS in the US. Four series with the current series half way through. Cassie is the chief detective and Sunny her # 2 both heading a team of detectives which over 4 series have been involved in solving "old" murders. The toll is clear on them as officers as well as the families of the victims...once identified. Each series is of 6 episodes of 270 minutes. Initially, it is usually necessary to figure out who the victim was as their bodies has been missing for many, many years. Fascinating stuff. I have seen all available episodes and cannot wait for the next one. Most available through various streaming options.

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