Spencer Take a Date

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(2021) - 116 min - R

Christmas Week with the Royal Family as Diana seems to be going mad

Kristen Stewart, Timothy Spall, Jack Farthing, Sally Hawkins
Biography, Drama, History

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Chief Chick Comments

Well, I really cannot recommend Spencer. Very maudlin and melodramatic. The Royals are spending Christmas at Sandringham where the Christmas rituals are carefully orchestrated. Charles gives both Camilla and Diana an expensive South Sea Island Pearl necklace for Christmas which Diana knows. We watch Diana going mad in a way which just doesn't ring true. Very melancholy with melancholy music to match. I will say Kristen Stewart actually does look and sound like Diana. Good for her. But you couldn't pay me enough to make me watch this movie again. Yes good palace and fashion....

Flock Comments

Hip Chick December 26, 2021

I sat through this movie but it wasn't enjoyable in the least. First of all, I couldn't hear the dialogue -- thought at first it was the British accent that was throwing me, then I thought it was the sound of the movie itself. But since I've read no other reviews mentioning this, it must've been the issue at the theater I was in. Regardless, this movie was by no means what I expected. A waste of my time. Too bad, I had high hopes.

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