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Room With A View, A

(1986) - 117 min - NR

Edwardian story of Lucy Honeychurch who travels to Italy and meets George Emerson, but returns to England where she becomes engaged to stuffy Cecil Vyse

Helena Bonham Carter, Julian Sands, Maggie Smith, Daniel Day-Lewis, Rupert Graves, Simon Callow, Judi Densch, Denholm Elliot
Drama, Romance

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Chief Chick Comments

Set in Edwardian England and Florence Italy and based on a novel of the same name by EM Forster, A Room With A View is a wonderful romance. Lucy Honeychurch travels to Italy with her older cousin, Charlotte played by Maggie Smith, as her chaperone. While there, she meets George Emerson and his father. George rarely speaks but when he does, something truly is said! Charlotte sees George's interest in Lucy and whisks her back to rural England where she becomes engaged to Cecil Vyse, a stuffy aristocrat living in England. Truly an exceptional film by Merchant Ivory.

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