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Ordeal by Innocence

(2018) - 170 min - TV-MA

Remake of the Agatha Christie Book with substantial but interesting changes.  Rich Mother is murdered by someone in the family...but who?

Bill Nighy, Morven Christie, Anthony Boyle, Christian Cooke, Matthew Goode, Luke Treadaway, Anna Chancellor, Crystal Clarke, Ella Purnell, Eleanor Tomlinson
Crime/Mystery, Drama, Suspense/Thriller

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Chief Chick Comments

I have seen (and read, of course) previous versions of this Agatha Christie mystery. However, it was interesting to see the changes and different directions taken by the screenwriters. On Christmas Eve Rachel Argyll is found murdered in her study. One of her 5 adopted children is accused and dies in prison before his trial. Our first look is 1 1/2 years later as Leo Argyll, the widower, is about to remarry his secretary. Suddenly, a man appears who casts doubt on the guilt of one of the sons. Liked this version a lot!

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