Nomadland Take a Date

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(2020) - 108 min - R

Fern loses all in the recession of 2008 + including the death of her husband.  She decides to be a nomad in her van

Frances McDormand, David strathairn, Linda May

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  • Lovely Scenery

Chief Chick Comments

This melancholy movie is in theaters and can be streamed on Hulu and perhaps others. Fern(Frances McDormand) has lost all when her Nevada town of Empire dies after USG shuts down the plant and her husband dies from cancer. She has outfitted her van and meets up with people on the road while she takes jobs as available...Christmastime at Amazon facility etc. The scenery is sometimes beautiful as she travels from Nevada to Arizona and over to California along Highway 1 and the Pacific including the redwood forests. Fern has found some kind of peace, but one cannot be untouched by the tragedy of so many people in America who are in this circumstance. Those who lead a safe, privileged life may feel a bit depressed. Yet the film is a fine one and is nominated four 4 Golden Globes-Best Drama Film, Director, Screenplay, and McDormand as actress.

Flock Comments

Hip Chick April 02, 2021

Frances McDormand (Fern) continues to be one of my personal favs. And this movie did not disappoint in that regard. I can see how some may find it depressing, but I didn't. It was, however, thought-provoking – and a very realistic portrayal of grief and loss in Fern's character. The movie portrays the culture of nomads honestly. I actually know people who choose to live this way -- not forced by economics. And watching this movie brought back fond memories of my own personal days of wandering around the country one summer.

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