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My Cousin Vinny

(1992) - 120 min - R

Two New York Cousins are arrested in rural Alabama for murder. They decide to call their cousin Vinny a lawyer with virtually no experience.

Joe Pesci, Marisa Tomei, Ralph Macchio, Fred Gwynne, Austin Pendleton, Bruce McGiill
Comedy, Crime/Mystery

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Chief Chick Comments

Very funny movie for which Marisa Tomei won an Oscar. Two young men driving to college are arrested in rural Alabama and charged with murder. One of them decides they should call "My Cousin Vinny" for legal representation. Joe Pesci is perfect in this early role for him. He brings along his girlfriend, Mona Lisa Vito, who is anxious to "get on with her life". Of course, nothing is as it should be and we try to figure out how Vinny will actually save them from "the chair".

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