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The Midnight Sky

(2020) - 118 min - PG-13

A spaceship is returning from a moon of Jupiter with great news about its habitability. Meanwhile, nuclear holocaust is making Earth increasingly uninhabitable. They've lost contact with each other, and we come to love the survivors as they work to help each other.

George Clooney, David Oyelowo, Felicity Jones
Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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  • Lovely Scenery

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Fancy Cat Names January 04, 2021

I watched this one on Christmas Day. I hadn't heard of it and missed the opening credits. So didn't immediately recognize George Clooney. Of course, he's hardly recognizable as himself in this role. :o) I found the story very difficult to follow. Too much going back/forward in time. Characters were not clearly identified. Or, maybe that was the movie's intention? Sort of like the first episode in the first season of NBC's "This Is Us." But...too much work for my feeble brain to follow. These days I want my entertainment to be fun and relatively easy to follow.

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