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Mare of Easttown

(2021) - 400 min - TV-MA

Detective in working class Philly exurb searches for teen's killer in her hometown full of family and friends

Kate Winslet, Jean Smart, Julianne Nicholson, Guy Pearce, Evan Peters
Crime/Mystery, Drama, Mystery

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  • Death/Abuse of a Child
  • Obscenities

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Gripping and Gritty series about Mare, senior detective, in Easttown Pennsylvania, an exurb of Philadelphia which progress has left behind. When a teenage girl is found dead, there are many suspects but Mare finds it is like peeling an onion as she finds friends and family along the way while joined by a hotshot detective from County. Kate Winslet is fantastic and you will find it hard to believe she is English. Yes, she looks as terrible as Kate Winslet can-her hair is really disgusting-but she is still Kate Winslet. On HBO

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