Mad Dogs Take a Date

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Mad Dogs

(2015) - 560 min - M

4 College Friends from the Midwest fly to Belize to visit their very successful friend, Milo.  Everything that can go wrong...does go wrong.

Ben Chaplin, Steve Zahn, Billy Zane, Michael Imperioli, Romany Malco, Phil Davis, Rachael Holmes
Adventure, Comedy, Crime/Mystery, Drama

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Chief Chick Comments

Seeming more for the guys, but I binged watched the series(10 episodes) on Prime Video. Four guys come to Belize, invited by another college friend. Of course, they all have issues. Graphic, violent at times, animals are harmed, and people are killed. Of course, the drug trade is involved. Ben Chaplin is, more or less, the most likeable of the bunch. One scrape after another ensues in this seeming paradise.

Flock Comments

Hip Chick February 15, 2021

Watched this but gotta say I couldn't tell if it was wanting to be a comedy or a drama. The characters are, for the most part, unlikable in an intriguing way. We probably all have a Cobi in our circle of friends. But the concept of old college pals reuniting after years apart was intriguing enough, and the acting good enough for me to watch this to the end. Gotta say, my desire to go to Belize was squashed with this series. I'll stick to Europe.

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