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Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

(2020) - 134 min - R

1927 Ma Rainey travels to a Chicago recording studio to make an album of her Blues.  Her band and nephew accompany her.

Chadwick Boseman, Viiola Davis
Drama, Musical

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Chief Chick Comments

An allegory of the fate of the Black Man in 1927 and throughout subsequent years. Ma Rainey is a handful but she is also the Mother of the Blues and is in Chicago to make an album with the "help" of her white manager and owner of the recording studio. She is well aware that she will be treated badly once she gives them what they want. Magnificent role for Viola Davis. Chadwick Boseman in one of his final appearances plays the horn player in her band. He thinks he has it all figured out. This movie is so much better than I expected. See it.

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