Lili Just Girls

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(1953) - 81 min - Passed

Post World War II, French orphan joins a carnival puppet show

Leslie Caron, Mel Ferrer, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Kurt Kasznar
Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance

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A very young Leslie Caron stars as Lili a 16 year old French orphan who has nowhere to go but meets someone from the carnival which is in town and joins the puppet show. Mel Ferrer plays the head puppeteer who is lame from a war injury but had been a professional dancer before the war. He is very difficult but while Lili is falling for the magician, Ferrer falls for her. If you ever do crossword puzzles it is easy to mistake the clue Leslie Caron movie for Gigi when it is really Lili. Corny but cute and an Oscar for the musical score. A bit insipid but entertaining.

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