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Life As We Know It

(2010) - 115 min - PG13

Story of Caterer Holly Berenson and Sports Producer Eric Messer who are given custody of their best friends' infant when the friends are killed in a car crash. The only problem: Holly and Eric cannot stand each other.
Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel
Comedy, Romance

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Chief Chick Comments

Yes, this is a predictable but fun to watch Chick Flick. In addition Josh Duhamel is really good to look at! Holly is an uptight caterer who wants everything "just so". Eric is a producer of Sports Events in Atlanta who leads a life full of parties and women with no particular schedule. The question is: Can they actually raise this child, Sophie who is only 1 year old. While we know the answer, getting there is fun and touching at times.

Flock Comments

Haley W December 18, 2013

Love this movie! didn't want to stop watching. Wish it kept on. I love the whole family story and what put them in that place and why they choose the two to parent Sophie. I cried a bit in this moving, it shows their struggles as Sophie's guardians as well as the struggles between them. I RECOMMEND this movie to any girl or anyone! It makes you think.

Donna P January 27, 2014
apryl k March 21, 2014

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