Jazz Singer, The Take a Date

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Jazz Singer, The

(1927) - 88 min - NR

The first "Talkie" starring Al Jolson as the son of a Jewish Cantor who choses to pursue Jazz

Al Jolson, May McAvoy, Warner Oland
Drama, Musical

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  • Great Music/Soundtrack

Chief Chick Comments

Imagine seeing a "Talkie" for the first time in your life. The action and the dialogue happen together. After a lifetime of music played in the theater while the silent film plays, what an experience! Al Jolson plays the son of a Cantor who decides not to follow that career but to pursue his career as a jazz singer. Yes, there are some politically incorrect scenes, although not considered so generally at the time. Truly a marvel. Of note, the Academy Awards began two years later in 1929, but in that year, this unique first "talkie" received a Special Oscar.

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