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Hillbilly Elegy

(2020) - 116 min - R

True story of young man who grows up in difficult circumstances but strives for a "life"

Gabriel Basso, Glenn Close, Amy Adams, Bo Hopkins, Frieda Pinto, Owen Asztalos
Biography, Drama

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  • Obscenities
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Chief Chick Comments

Difficult yet inspiring story of young man born into a family with great difficulties. He works hard and wants to succeed yet his family often seems to limit his opportunity. Based on a best selling true story. It is inspiring.

Flock Comments

Hip Chick January 03, 2021

I saw this movie...twice. Glen Close is totally transformed unrecognizably. And Amy Adams proves to continue to become one of my fav actresses these days. Yes, this movie contains lots of yelling, total dysfunctional family, family addiction, depression, and all around bizarre-ness to many. It was given very poor reviews by many 'professional' critics. However, I connected with this movie in many ways. Perhaps it's because I could relate to it on many fronts personally, or maybe because I've been around 'hillbillies' to know better their mind set. I would be willing to bet the so-called Hollywood critics have limited, if no experience, with this culture. The acting was superb. I highly recommend it to those who have dealt with family addiction, first-in-the-family college educated, and those who want to validate the philosophy that life can be improved with personal dedication and hard work, and perhaps more valuable to those without an entitlement package.

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