High Seas(Alta Mar) Take a Date

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High Seas(Alta Mar)

(2019) - 400 min - TV-MA

Spanish ship sails for Rio after WWII and the melodrama begins.

Ivano Baquero, Alejandra Onieva, Jon Kortajarena, Eloy Agorin, Natalia Rodriguez, Ignacio Montes, Begona Vargas
Crime/Mystery, Drama, Mystery, Romance

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Chief Chick Comments

Netflix brings us this fabulous if unlikely show based on a luxury liner post World War II. Melodramatic, for sure, but perfect for binge watching. Three seasons (first two 8 episodes, the final 6 episodes) focus on cruises on a refurbished liner which from the air looks like the Queen Mary or the Normandie. Not sure how they got this footage. However, the interiors are to die for. I would gladly pay almost anything to sail on this ship; however, the interiors are built near Madrid where a large part of the episodes are shot. Beautiful people, good acting, gorgeous surroundings, Fantastic fashion. I will have to watch again. The story revolves around two sisters, Carolina and Eva who have boarded in Spain for Carolina's wedding to the ship's owner. Of course, people start dying and we are introduced to many other interesting characters. Honestly, I am not sure all of the mysteries are solved! However, I still found it compelling. Close call on "Take a Date". Not a cheap thing in any part of this production. Must have cost a fortune!

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