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Grifters, The

(1990) - 110 min - R

About the interplay of a LA based Grifters, son and girlfriend, with his Mom, also a grifter

Annette Bening, Angelica Huston, John Cusack
Crime/Mystery, Drama, Suspense/Thriller

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Chief Chick Comments

Nominated for 4 Academy Awards, this movie was a big introduction to many of Annette Bening's talent in her first big hit. With Angelica Huston and John Cusack playing mother and son, the 3 grifters con others and each other. Gritty and Tough to watch at times but a well-crafted movie. Note: When I first saw the film, I did not know the definition of a grifter. It is "a person who engages in petty or small-scale swindling."

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