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Goodbye Columbus

(1969) - 102 min - R

Neil meets Brenda at a suburban New York country club and they fall for each other one summer

Richard Benjamin, Ali MacGraw, Jack Klugman
Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Chief Chick Comments

It's been 52 years since I saw Goodbye Columbus in a theater. A rewatch is interesting and I really don't understand the title of the movie although Brenda's brother has just graduated from OSU. Brenda goes to Radcliffe at Harvard and Neil attended college and is out of the army. Now he works for a library. He meets Brenda at her country club and pursues her. It's an unlikely match. Brenda's father played by Jack Klugman is a self made man and is very proud of his daughter. Brenda's mother does not like Neil's lack of a real future; which may be one of many reasons Brenda falls for him. Complicated psychological reasons dog this couple and the ending perhaps is pre-ordained. This movie is Ali MacGraw's big break (Love Story came out the following year) and she is more alluring that I remembered. Richard Benjamin plays a nice guy, Neil, who has an interesting dry wit. ( I met Benjamin in a hotel elevator once where he was staying with his wife, Paula Prentice. He was very nice...Oh well that's another story) Anyway, a coming of age movie for the kids of the 60's

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