Fisherman's Friends Take a Date

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Fisherman's Friends

(2019) - 112 min - PG13

10 Cornish Fisherman are "discovered" and record an album of sea shanties

Daniel Mayo, David Hayman, James Purefoy, Maggie Steed, Tuppence Middleton
Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical, Romance

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  • Cute Kids
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Chief Chick Comments

Charming truee story of 10 Cornish Fisherman who are discovered by a visiting record producer. This is filmed in Port Isaac which is the same Cornish village in which Doc Martin is filmed. Friendship, singing, romance, and some discord. Loved it! Recommended by one of our members

Flock Comments

Hip Chick January 01, 2021

Watched this movie recently for something light. It did not disappoint. Loved the music, the acting, story, scenery and laughter. Job well done. Well worth the watch.

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