Dunkirk Take a Date

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(2017.00) - 106 min - PG13

History-making story of evacuating British troops surrounded by the German Army in World War II. Stream or rent the movie by clicking below:

Tom Hardy, Jack Lowden, Fionn Whitehead, Aneurin Barnard, Barry Keoghan, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh
Action, Drama, History

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Chief Chick Comments

Trapped in Dunkirk, were 400,000 Allied soldiers when the German troops halted their advance and left it to the Luftwaffe to destsroy the armies waiting on the beach for rescue. Unfortunately the ships coming to rescue the men were sunk by U boats and the Luftwaffe. Over a period of 7 days 338,226 men escaped, including 139,997 French, Polish, and Belgian troops, together with a small number of Dutch soldiers, aboard 861 vessels (of which 243 were sunk during the operation). This movie is a bit disjointed as, I suppose, was the actual days of the rescue operation. It was hard to keep track where the boys were and if any navy vessels survived to reach Dover in England. The most engaging part of the story, as you may know, is that the British commandeered, in effect asked the owners of small boats on the British western shores to go to Dunkirk to rescue the men. We follow one small boat owned my Mark Rylance who with his son and a friend head for France to rescue as many men as then can aboard their boat. The movie seems to assume that a boat would only make the trip once but many returned to rescue more men. The bravery and desperation comes through. It is very worth seeing, but be prepared to be a bit confused!

Flock Comments

Julie Goodrich July 24, 2017

I didn't think it was too confusing to follow. It simply goes back and forth between several story lines. I am not a big fan of war movies with lots of violence, but this was done well. It conveyed the desperation of the troops and did have scenes difficult to watch, but I was able to sit it out (which I sometimes don't!) The Brits who stepped up to help were really amazingly unselfish and brave.

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