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Dig, The

(2021) - 112 min - PG13

Edith Pretty in 1939 calls in an excavator, Basil Brown to explore mounds on her property in East Angelia

Ralph Fiennes, Carey Mulligan, Lily James, Johnny Flynn, Ben Chaplin
Biography, Drama, History

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Chief Chick Comments

Interesting true story of a widow, Edith Pretty, who wants to explore what is beneath the mysterious mounds on her property before the start of World War II. She enlists the help of Basil Brown who turns our to be a self educated digger and amateur archeologist. I have a special affection for this film because Basil Brown looks a lot like my Grandfather who would have been about the same age and I used to live near this excavation in England. What is found is remarkable and the fate of Edith and others is impacted by The Dig. On Netflix

Flock Comments

PhilT6 February 01, 2021

Much "Hollywood" added to true story

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